CircusLink Platform

CircusLink is a European project and platform; co-created by 5 organizations committed to the development contemporary circus and aiming at supporting the mobility of companies and the diffusion of creation throughout Europe.

More info on the project here.

Be a professional artist, company or organization and fill all the informations required when creating a “Company” o “Programmer” profile inside the platform.

The CircusLink team will be reviewing each registration before publishing and will get in touch with you if there is some information missing.

By registering in the CircusLink each participant, company, or programmers, commits to the values of the project that are:  respect for the diversity of artistic languages, for the artists and the artistic work in general, respect of the needs, desires, and challenges of each operator of the sector, equity in the treatment of the artists and collaborators beyond national, cultural or structural difference.

As you may have seen on your Company or Programmer profile there is a mention
“last modif. the XX/XX/XXXX”
to let the other members of the community know how up to date is your profile.

In order to maximize the chances of creating professionals contacts through the platform we recommend you update your profile every month or two. 

For the moment the CircusLink platform is totally free, and we will be working to keep it this way as we are convinced that is the best way to support the work of companies and programmers.

Yes of course, if you tour as a solo artist (or a solo artist in collaboration with other artists) and can fill up all the information needed to create a profile in the CircusLink platform. When registering chose the option “Register as a company” and fill up with all your information.

For the moment only shows can be registered in the CircusLink platform.

Yes, you can register shows under three different status:

  1. Work in progress (no dates)
    This status is for shows that are work in progress and have no date of premiere planned yet.

  2. Work in progress (dates)
    This status is for shows that are work in progress but have a least a premiere date planned.

  3. On tour
    This status is for shows touring You can easily change the status of your show at anytime and update the information overtime.

You cannot register your organisation but you can create an account and profile for each company you represent / work with.

Show dates are to be entered on the platform only once they are confirmed / booked. Also, we advise you too keep the dates up to date if you were to experience changes in your calendar.

Yes, you can enter as many shows as you'd like under the same company profile.

Currently it is not possible. If you wish to register as a company AND as a programmer, you need to create two accounts with two different email addresses.

All contemporary circus professionals based on, or operating from, the European continent can register to the platform.

No, this is not a feature that is available on the platform.